Frequently Asked Questions
Q : What can Dynamic Team Holdings do for my company?
A : If you like your company to get to know each other better, work more effectively as a team, improve cross-cultural communication, operate with improved morale and energy, manage projects more efficiently, increase productivity and improve in other areas - we can help you. DTH would like to view itself as an agent for transformation process or a reference point into the dynamic and changing future.

Q : Who is suitable to attend the DTH programme ?
A : Senior managers from multi-national companies
Department groups whole companies from top down
Companies with their clients' project teams
Newly merged teams

Q : What is the age group ?
A : 20 -60 years.

Q : What is the ideal length of the training programme ?
A : 2 -3 days. The length of training varies from half day programme to three or more day courses. If your final goal is to develop World Class Teams within your organization, our longer programmes would be recommended - they are the essence for creating long-term changes in any organization.

Q : How is Martial-Arts philosophy and experiential learning used as a learning methodology ?
A : DTH programs are delivered using experiential learning combined with martial-arts philosophy. Simply put, experiential can be defined as learning by doing . An experiential workshop focuses on one's ability to better learn and understand concepts by experiencing them in a hands-on fashion. The program is designed with 80% indoor and 20% outdoor experiential learning approach. This design will give the maximum impact for their effort by involving themselves in the process, "Tell me, and I will forget; Show me, and I may remember; Involve me and I will understand..." By taking uncommon scenarios (the challenge course, martial arts sensei(s), outdoor activities, etc.) and exploring the associated behaviors, participants are able to draw parallels between that which they currently operate. They get to experience the rewards of an effective team power versus attempting to understand the benefits from a non-interactive, lecture presentation.
Q : What is the delivery language for the programme ?
A : We can deliver the programme in English, Bahasa Malaysia or bilingual. This depends on target audience attending the workshop.
Q : How does DTH customize a training programme ?
A : We believe that every organization is unique and our aim is to design an individual programme for your company which will address selected areas of development. Once we receive background information, the facilitation team will decide how to effectively meet the broader aims of your company. Specific activities are selected based on information received about the group. Once the programme analysis form is filled out and faxed or emailed to DTH we will then contact you for a consultancy-based session to establish a suitable programme for your team.

Q : How physically fit do I have to be ?
A : Not very! Anyone can participate in a DTH corporate training program. If you can walk up a flight stairs, then you are fit enough to participate! Our aims is to turn your company into a dynamic team, not a group of athletes! Activities are 80% mental, 20% physical. Despite the moderate level of physical activity, our philosophy is challenge by choice. So, should participants find an activity too challenging, they can choose not to participate physically.

Q : What is the ideal number of people can you take ?
A : It varies depending on your choice of program objectives and requirements. We recommend a minimum of 20 people to a maximum of 100 people.

Q : Where is an ideal location for the programme ?
A : Any resort with a good conference hall size will be ideal. The size of the conference hall should be based on the number of people attending the program. Additionally, an outdoor venue such as a tennis court with the net removed or a field would be required for most of our programmes.

Q : I am interested, what do I do next ?
A : Kindly proceed to the "Contact Us" page.


Powerful, brilliant and energetic! Are the correct words to describe Simon Ng's workshop. He is a master at eliciting human emotions and mesmerizing his audience with electrifying candor. We left a lot of fears behind. He led us through a journey, leading us gently, yet passionately stretching us towards excellence.If you have never participated in Simon Ng's workshops, be prepared - you are about to experience a man who can teach, persuade, influence and if you are ready for a change, Simon Ng can impact your life forever!

Simon Whitelaw
Managing Director
CMA-CGM Malaysia Sdn Bhd



We would like to thank you for making our "2011 MAJU Leadership Retreat" a successful event. You did a great job by integrating leadership initiatives into an interactive and meaningful experience.

The brainstorming session was one of the most valuable sessions during the Retreat, which you facilitated well; as a result, we managed to resolve some of the difficult and sensitive areas of concern. The journey that you have led us through was well-balanced between learning and fun.

Once again, thank you for your assistance in making our Retreat memorable.

Wan Shariman Wan Mohamed
Group Chief Operating Officer
Maju Holdings Sdn Bhd



I was skeptical about the Black Belt program initially, but am now convinced that this simple, accessible and direct program is effective in instilling ownership and accountability in our people. This is vital for NTUC Income as we seek to transform to a modern, progressive and achievement orientated organization.We will be rolling out this program to all our managers and supervisors in our company.Simon Ng is a skilled trainer who handles the group process professionally and skillfully. I recommend him highly.

Tan Suee Chieh
Chief Executive
NTUC Income

I would describe your program not a s a two day "training course" but as the initiating event for a change journey. I believe myself and my team emerged from this recognising the need to change and importantly that change has to start with oneself. I saw the early adopters make immediate behavioural change with others gaining in confidence to open up as the program developed. TEAM LEADERSHIP and TEAM POWER are now the watchwords in the leadership team.
Thank you Simon for a job well done! Your program certainly was a game changing event.
Derick B Whyte
Executive Vice President - Asia