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Empowerment of the Black-Belt Team – Level 1

Empowerment of The Black-Belt Team is about creating a culture or environment where people can do their best and are committed towards excellence in everything they do. The uniqueness of linking Black-Belt philosophy and mastery allows individuals to discover and change oneself first before changing others.

Programme Objectives:

    • How To Embrace Change As a Team
    • How To Align The Different Expectations of Individuals In The Team
    • Awaken The Power In Teams Through Personal Mastery
    • Discover The Dynamic Leader In You
    • Discover The 18 Principles of Empowering Teams Towards Excellence
    • Develop The Understanding Of The Importance and Dynamics Of Support, Trust and Commitment Towards Excellence In Both Themselves And Others


Learning Outcomes:

The team will:

  • Have the awareness of the bigger picture with regards to the concept of change
  • Learn how to apply Team Power® principles
  • Know the art of moving teams by applying the Bruce Lee principles
  • Understand that excellence is doing more than expected
  • Clearly see what it takes for the organization to be a market leader
  • Witness and understand the transforming power of team commitment
  • Be familiar with the 7 best practices of a world class team
  • Understand that all barriers are self-imposed
  • Learn how to take "time-out” to resolve issues
  • Learn how to control and overcome fears in the process of breakthrough

Training Methodology:

Not by watching and listening but through actual participation and immediate application of the methodology. Active learning allows us to create a simulated condition of the current state of affairs. Enabling participants to self-discover where they are right now, so that they can move to where they need to be.

Who Should Attend:

All those who believe that the organisation can produce better results if we can work better with one another.


The duration of the programme can be customised to:

  • 3 days residential
  • 2 days residential


The Way of the Black-Belt – Level 2

There are many ways to move a team from point X to point Y in the fastest time possible. Whatever ways you use, you need to have some "tool”. A surgeon cannot perform a successful operation without his "tools”. A coach cannot effectively coach without "tools”. An artist cannot express beautifully without his "tools”. The ways of the Black-Belt share the 5 tools of moving a team from point X to point Y in the fastest time possible.

Programme Objectives:

  • To raise the level of consciousness of one’s attitude and interpretation of the events
  • To allow the team to experience the different styles in a team
  • To anchor the team spirit at a high performance stage
  • To anchor in the team a sense of belonging towards the company
  • To share the 5 tools of moving a team
  • Coaching the team on how to use the tools from the "heart”
  • Be more aware of the different perceptions and expectations of individuals towards commitment in a team


Learning Outcomes:

  • The power of a positive attitude
  • Getting past fear
  • Embracing changes from external forces
  • Believing that with Team Power we can reach greater heights
  • Coaching and supporting each other towards excellence
  • Readiness to accept corrections as a journey towards personal mystery

Who Should Attend:

All those who believe that the organization can produce better results if we can work better with one another.

 The duration of the programme can be customized to:

·3 days residential

·2 days residential



Powerful, brilliant and energetic! Are the correct words to describe Simon Ng's workshop. He is a master at eliciting human emotions and mesmerizing his audience with electrifying candor. We left a lot of fears behind. He led us through a journey, leading us gently, yet passionately stretching us towards excellence.If you have never participated in Simon Ng's workshops, be prepared - you are about to experience a man who can teach, persuade, influence and if you are ready for a change, Simon Ng can impact your life forever!

Simon Whitelaw
Managing Director
CMA-CGM Malaysia Sdn Bhd



We would like to thank you for making our "2011 MAJU Leadership Retreat" a successful event. You did a great job by integrating leadership initiatives into an interactive and meaningful experience.

The brainstorming session was one of the most valuable sessions during the Retreat, which you facilitated well; as a result, we managed to resolve some of the difficult and sensitive areas of concern. The journey that you have led us through was well-balanced between learning and fun.

Once again, thank you for your assistance in making our Retreat memorable.

Wan Shariman Wan Mohamed
Group Chief Operating Officer
Maju Holdings Sdn Bhd



I was skeptical about the Black Belt program initially, but am now convinced that this simple, accessible and direct program is effective in instilling ownership and accountability in our people. This is vital for NTUC Income as we seek to transform to a modern, progressive and achievement orientated organization.We will be rolling out this program to all our managers and supervisors in our company.Simon Ng is a skilled trainer who handles the group process professionally and skillfully. I recommend him highly.

Tan Suee Chieh
Chief Executive
NTUC Income

I would describe your program not a s a two day "training course" but as the initiating event for a change journey. I believe myself and my team emerged from this recognising the need to change and importantly that change has to start with oneself. I saw the early adopters make immediate behavioural change with others gaining in confidence to open up as the program developed. TEAM LEADERSHIP and TEAM POWER are now the watchwords in the leadership team.
Thank you Simon for a job well done! Your program certainly was a game changing event.
Derick B Whyte
Executive Vice President - Asia